I am pleased to say my packaging is recyclable with no single use plastics. And the only item in my shop that uses plastics are my stickers. Most of my products however are also made from recycled materials. All of the suppliers for my products are British based and ethically sourced. 
Recyclable, biodegradable, compostable and reusable:
  • Items are sent in cardboard postal boxes for larger items, hardbacked envelopes with extra greyboard backing for Prints, or paper envelopes with stiff card or cardboard for individual Sticker orders.
  • Paper Bags are used instead of plastic wraps. Even biodegradable plastic sleeves are actually not that good for the environment according to my research as it still releases plastic particles into the system.
  • Paper tape is used to seal some parcels for extra protection, of which I have recently switched to.
I am always looking into ways to be more sustainable so if you have any ideas for me come and chat with me over on Instagram.